Certified EOS Implementer™

Helping Companies Gain THE 4 MORES℠:

  • More Structure

  • More Growth

  • More Profit

  • More Fun

How Does Dan Zawacki, THE 4 MORES℠ Man, Use EOS To Help My Business?

Dan Zawacki is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Lobster Gram, and a Certified EOS Implementer™.

EOS is a simple, practical system, that works.  It’s being implemented at over 6,200 companies around the country and over 300 companies are using EOS in the state of Illinois alone.

Dan uses EOS to guarantee his clients and their teams experience more structure, more growth, more profit, and more fun.

Average EOS Session rating (out of 10)
Employees hired (and some, fired)
Successful TV & radio placements
In the trenches for 30 years

Dan’s Story, Your Sherpa, THE 4 MORES℠ Man

What’s it like working with Dan?

  • Dan has re-energized me and our team to grow our business exponentially with a collective vision in mind.  Until we met Dan and implemented EOS we were always frustrated and seemed to always be trying to play catch up.  Now we have a 10 year plan and for the first time in 15 years, and I feel we are on the right track.

    Jim G.
  • Before starting the EOS program with Dan, our company was an organization that ran us - not one that my team and I ran.  We were constantly reacting to issues instead of offensively solving the issues.  The EOS tools Dan has showed us, has allowed us to constructively IDS (Identify, Define and Solve) the problems within our company.  We have become a stronger company.  Beyond the tools the program sets forth, Dan is an excellent asset with his wealth of experience and knowledge.  I find it comforting that almost any problem I present to Dan he doesn’t give advice from a book, but from his life and work experience. 

  • We were growing fast, and I realized we needed the right tools to facilitate successful growth. Having made process and people mistakes in the past, I knew it was key to get Dan involved. Within a few months, he got us on the right track - now my team is more productive, the business is more profitable, and our clients are more impressed than ever!

    Nate H.

Gino Wickman wrote the book “Traction”© and this is the basis of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). It consists of 6 key components.  This is key. If you were anything like me, you have 136 things bouncing around your head every day. Instead of having 136 things in your head, EOS puts everything into 6 components. Start learning today!

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