Listen to Dan Zawacki on the How’d It Happen Podcast!

Dan Zawacki created Lobster Gram at 24 years old with only $1,000. He left his real job at Honeywell, where he was a top producing sales person, and bootstrapped Lobster Gram into a $15 million dollar company. Today, Dan is a Professional Certified Traction and EOS Implementer at 4MORES with a passion for teaching, facilitating and coaching business owners and their leadership teams on how to get the most out of their companies and live a better life. He passionately believes in helping his clients achieve “THE 4 MORES” 1. More Structure 2. More Growth 3. More Profit 4. More Fun.

Lobster Gram was one of the first companies to have a website way back in 1996. Very successful PR, national radio and TV helped create incredible growth for Dan. As a matter of fact, Lobster Gram was the FIRST company to use Google AdWords. It was a great 30 year run that has allowed Dan to successfully implement EOS in many organizations.

Mike and Dan cover a ton of great stuff in this episode like how the idea for Lobster Gram was conceived, how quick thinking helped him keep the business idea for himself, what happened when his boss’s boss heard him doing a live interview on a popular Chicago radio station promoting Lobster Gram, why a morgue was an appealing first office, how he overcame the challenges of keeping lobsters fresh and alive during shipment, the genius marketing he did to promote Lobster Gram, why and how he pivoted into being a Professional EOS Implementer, and much more.

And now here’s Dan Zawacki.

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