What do Lobsters, Howard Stern, and Oprah Have in Common? with Dan Zawacki founder of Lobster Gram and 4 Mores

In this episode…

It’s easy to guess what Oprah Winfrey and Howard Stern could have in common: media. But when you throw lobsters into the mix, what you get is Dan Zawacki and the company he founded, Lobster Gram. Through his unique business, Dan was able to create a whole new market that drew the attention and appetite of people from all over the United States. While being featured by Oprah and Howard is a definite highlight for the company especially in its early days, it was just the beginning of an inspiring business story that Dan would later on use to help other entrepreneurs to grow their own companies.

These days, Dan no longer runs Lobster Gram. Instead, he is now a speaker, coach, certified EOS Implementer, and he has founded a company where he is able to live his passion for teaching, facilitating, and coaching business owners and their leadership teams so that they can get the most out of their companies.

On this episode of Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Dan Zawacki of 4 Mores and Lobster Gram about how he became a “lobsterpreneur” and later on, an inspirational resource for entrepreneurial companies. Dan also shares how he grew the business and the struggles he faced along the way, why he decided to become a certified EOS Implementer, and how he now helps companies reach the level of success that they deserve. Stay tuned.

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