About THE 4 MORES℠

THE 4 MORES℠ will help your organization implement an EOS business operating system to help you do three things great.

  • Vision Alignment – getting your leadership team 100% on the same page on where your organization is headed by using the EOS process.
  • Gain Traction® – helping leaders become more disciplined, accountable and executing on the vision using the EOS Traction tools.
  • Healthy – employing the EOS process we help leaders to be functional, more cohesive and have more fun by using a proven business operating system.  

The EOS Core Values are the Beginning of Our Journey

Humbly Confident: Open, honest, real, and well-practiced, ready to  make a positive difference.

Grow or Die: Driven to maximize  every situation and to take ourselves and our clients to the  next level.

Help First: Subordinating our personal interests to advance  others, always giving value before  expecting anything in return.

Do the Right Thing: Never betraying trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward.

Do What We Say: Sometimes more, but never less.

About me, Dan Zawacki, THE 4 MORES℠ Man

In 1987, I founded a company called Lobster Gram that delivered live lobsters and seafood around the country as gifts. I was the first person in the world to do this, and I’m proud to say that I actually built an industry and created a new market. The success of Lobster Gram and my skills in PR and marketing helped me to be featured in Forbes and Fortune magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and on Oprah and 500 other media outlets. 

But after 3 decades of running Lobster Gram, I decided to sell it so I could focus on learning about the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS®). 

Dan in action

I’m passionate about helping others launch and succeed in their own businesses, and I wanted to become an expert at it to teach, coach, and share my 30+ years of real-life experience. I felt like this was my true calling, and I feel very lucky to have found my second passion in life – helping businesses grow and having fun while doing it.The EOS process really resonates with me because of its simple, practical

approach to building a business; from growing teams and designing warehouses, to building websites and establishing operations. Running and growing a business should be fun as well as hard work. I’m a family guy myself and love spending time with my family, so I know how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With EOS, I can help you get more out of your business – more structure, more growth, more profit, and more fun. 

As a Professional EOS Implementer, I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the EOS Entrepreneurial Operating System and the ways it can transform your business!

Gino Wickman wrote the book “Traction”© and this is the basis of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). It consists of 6 key components.  This is key. If you were anything like me, you have 136 things bouncing around your head every day. Instead of having 136 things in your head, EOS puts everything into 6 components. Start learning today!

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